Redwood Regulars Doing Well at Boone (September 6th, 2012)


A little Overview from Boone (September 6th, 2012)


Curt Lund ended up starting in the 30th and final spot and moved all the way up to 11th (left rear slider broke on the car or Curt was probably going to make it in after moving by some very strong cars), finishing three spots out of qualifying for Saturday night’s A-main. Although Curt is not in the big show, he gained valuable points if he’s not able to qualify tonight (each driver gains points in each division every time they are on the track which helps them start closer to the front in the qualifying events which is VERY important).

I haven’t talked to Dan Menk but I know Dan exited the qualifying feature early on after his heat race win. Dan also gained valuable points by making it into the A-main. Hopefully Dan will have another strong run and give himself another opportunity to make the big show. Dan was scored in the 28th finishing position which gives him the 28th most points out of the nearly 300 Modifieds on hand!

Tyler Limoges started ninth and finished second in his heat race and followed it up by outlasting former SuperNationals Champion Ron Pope on his way to a B-main win. Although the B-main victory does not get you into any A-main, it gives you the most possible cumulative points without making a qualifying feature. This will undoubtedly help Tyler as the week goes on.

Like Tyler, Brandon Beckendorf did well for himself finishing in third behind Pope in B-main #2, which was won by Limoges. Brandon finished second in the heat race won by Menk and his third place finish will give Brandon a solid number of cumulative points going into Thursday.

Trent Loverude did very well starting in the back of his heat and charging forward to finish second. From there, Trent finished seventh in his B-main which like others will help him as the week goes on. I talked to Trent earlier today and he told me he finished 5th in his B-main so there could be a possibility a car or two got disqualified in front of him. Very solid job by Trent!

Glenwood, MN driver Tom Silver turned his first ever laps at the Boone Speedway starting sixth and finishing third. Tom turned some strong laps in his B-main finishing 10th. Tom will look to improve upon that today.

Two-thousand Eleven Redwood Speedway IMCA Modified track Champion Josh Rogotzke had a tough night on Wednesday. He took home a fifth place run in his heat race and was scored 16th in his B-main. The great thing about Boone is you have another chance, and we’ll see if Josh can get something going today!

Despite his sixth place finish in his heat race, Dalton Magers accounted for himself very well in a stacked heat race. With drivers like Luke Wanninger and Ricky Alvarado in his heat race, Dalton did a wonderful job finishing sixth. Because you need to finish in the top five to qualify for a B-main, Dalton will have to regroup and try to get in again today. Good luck, Dalton!

Stock Cars:

Like I mentioned yesterday, Dan Mackenthun looked to be the class of the field taking home a heat race win and a second place finish in the night’s qualifying A-main. Dan will start the feature from the second row inside starting spot. Nice work, Dan!

Ken Tietz finished second in his heat, third in his B-main and ultimately 14th in the night’s A-main qualifier. Although Ken has not qualified for the Super Feature on Saturday as of yet, this definitely was a good points day for the Three-time Redwood Speedway Track Champion.

Bob Rebstock finished fifth in his heat, 12th in his C-main. Bob will give it another try again today!

Essig, MN driver Brad Scheibel had a nice day at Boone. He turned in a great run finishing third in his heat race and followed that up with a second in his C-main. Brad will look to accumulate more points today before wiping the slate clean and trying to qualifying through the A-main qualifier again tonight.

Shaun Bruns – Sixth in heat race, 5th in C-main. Try again today, we all know Shaun can do it!

Sport Mods and Hobby’s:

We were unable to qualify any speedway regulars for these main events. Although Matt Looft and Justin Remus were very competitive, they were not lucky enough to qualify for Saturday’s Super Feature.

We provided a tough contingent of IMCA Hobby Stock Competitors but none were able to qualify for Saturday’s Super Feature. Good job fellas, you represented yourselves and the speedway very well!

Sport Compact Top Finishing Regulars (These drivers ran their entire program on Tuesday night)

Nate Coopman – 11th
Aaron Betz – 20th
Megan Lappegard – 22nd
Stephanie Forsberg – 25th (Won her heat race!)

I’ll do my best to keep everyone posted and if I missed anyone, I apologize. I’m trying to get stuff done for work, update everything from season championship night and work on some other things, as well.

Good luck to all our regular drivers that support us each and every Sunday night, we’ve undoubtedly got some of the best in the country!



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