Points battles heating up at Redwood Speedway (Through August 5th, 2012)


Point battles heating up at Redwood Speedway!

With just four events remaining in the 2012 season, point battles have heated up in most of the eight divisions offered weekly at Redwood Speedway. This season has witnessed periods of dominance by some drivers while parody has been the name of the game for most others as a whole. Heading in to Sunday night’s Jason Wyffels Memorial IMCA Modified special, who holds the top spot in each division you may ask? The following is a synopsis of the point standings of each weekly division with each event calculated through Sunday, August 5th, 2012.

IMCA Modifieds:
On the strength of four feature wins Redwood Falls’ own Curt Lund currently sits atop the IMCA Modified point standings. Although he has yet to visit Redwood Speedway victory lane in 2012, Brandon Beckendorf has been a pillar of consistency trailing Lund by a mere four markers with four shows remaining. Josh Rogotzke, Justin Anderson and Tyler Limoges round out the top five in points currently for the IMCA Modifieds

  1. Curt Lund #87 397pts
  2. Brandon Beckendorf #5 393pts
  3. Josh Rogotzke #X 361pts
  4. Justin Anderson #07 357pts
  5. Tyler Limoges #72 352pts
  6. Dan Menk #19m 348pts
  7. Dalton Magers #M8 339pts
  8. Ben Panitzke #18 339pts
  9. Jeff Maasch #1M 318pts
  10. Tom Silver #24x 314pts – Rookie of The Year Leader

IMCA Stock Cars:
Danube, MN ace Shaun Bruns has been tough to beat all season long parlaying that into a 32-point advantage with four races left in 2012. In second behind Bruns currently sits three time and defending Redwood Speedway IMCA Stock Car Track Champion, Ken Tietz. Although the lead sits at a comfortable 32 markers, Tietz will undoubtedly making it a hard deal to close during the last month of competition. The “Hamburg Hammer” Dan Mackenthun currently sits in the third spot with Bob Rebstock fourth and Jake Bruns fifth. The ending to the 2012 season in the IMCA Stock Cars is sure to be an exciting one, just like each and every one of their main events!

  1. Shaun Bruns #71D 384pts
  2. Ken Tietz #110 351pts
  3. Dan Mackenthun #92 347pts
  4. Bob Rebstock #31R 342pts
  5. Jake Bruns #71x 334pts
  6. James Richert #83 272pts
  7. Jesse Timm #7T 243pts – Currently Rookie of the Year leader..
  8. Clay Steele #21 240pts
  9. Matt Schauer #33 239pts
  10. Mark Clobes #31x 233pts

IMCA Sprint Cars:
With the Sprint Cars in action each and every Sunday night for the remainder of the 2012 season, it will be interesting to see if defending champion Cam Schafer can repeat. Schafer has been hounded for the points lead all season long by Gaylord, MN regular Mike Stien. The last four nights of the season will prove to be a showdown between the top two frontrunners. With Curt Lund out of the equation, this should be a fun one!

  1. Cam Schafer #54 243pts
  2. Mike Stien #4 238pts
  3. Reed Allex #91A 229pts – Current Rookie of the Year leader..
  4. Curt Lund #87 219pts
  5. Bruce Allen #55 207pts
  6. Travis Zieske #7Z 100pts
  7. Brandon Allen #77 99pts
  8. Brandon Halverson #13MJ 74pts
  9. Derrik Lusk #93 72pts
  10. Chris Graf #20G 39pts

IMCA Northern Sport Mods:
On the strength of a plethora of feature wins, Swea City, IA traveler Matt Looft currently sits first in the IMCA Northern Sport Mod track point standings at Redwood Speedway. Adam Ecker sits in second just 16 markers behind Looft with Kyle Remus in third. Jordan Meine and Larry Revier each sit among the top five in the standings as well for the IMCA Northern Sport Mods, who have witnessed 27 different drivers try their hand at the moderately banked ½ mile oval in 2012.

  1. Matt Looft #9 388pts
  2. Adam Ecker #8 372pts
  3. Kyle Remus #7 332pts
  4. Jordan Meine #33 329pts
  5. Larry Revier #43 327pts
  6. Justin Remus #0 320pts
  7. Brett Trebesch #23 284pts
  8. Charles Clobes #1C 222pts
  9. Josh Larsen #71 171pts
  10. Kelly Clausen #42 171pts

Outlaw Hobby Stocks:
The Outlaw Hobby Stocks right now features a tie for the lead between Fairfax’s Jayson Firle and Sleepy Eye’s Randy Fischer. With defending Champion Dan Veenstra just five points behind Fischer and Firle, this race is going to be a tight one and will likely be decided on the final lap of the final night. From first to fifth place just 13 points separates the top five, this class will definitely be one to watch during the last four nights of the season!

  1. Jayson Firle #69j 355pts
  2. Randy Fischer #20 355pts
  3. Dan Veenstra #9 350pts
  4. Ryan McMullen #51 349pts
  5. Andy Windschitl #58 342pts
  6. Rod Manthey #11R 323pts
  7. Jeff Petersen #11 275pts
  8. Bruce Lundin #E85 231pts
  9. Bill Braunworth #92 138pts
  10. John Albrecht #48 72pts

IMCA Hobby Stocks:
Just like in 2011, Chris Isaacson currently sits atop the IMCA Hobby Stock point standings. This year, however, we’ll see if he can hang on to the lead during the ladder stages of the season. Isaacson has been strong all season long despite heavy pressure from last year’s champion, Wes Jahnz. Isaacson currently holds a 20-point lead over Jahnz and a 22-point advantage over third place running Josh Telecky. Brennen Boettger sits just 30 markers behind the lead in fourth while Trevor Serbus rounds out the top five. With four drivers having a legitimate shot at taking home the point title, the last four weeks should feature some tremendous racing.

  1. Chris Isaacson #72 374pts
  2. Wes Jahnz #32 354pts
  3. Josh Telecky #75 352pts
  4. Brennen Boettger #2 347pts
  5. Trevor Serbus #10 321pts – Currently leads all rookies in points..
  6. Tory Harazin #03 24pts
  7. Dale McMullen #20 182pts
  8. Matt Hanson #25H 143pts
  9. Brad Snyder #40 139pts
  10. Adam Snyder #41 131pts

IMCA Mach 1 Sport Compacts:
With four events remaining in the 2012 season at Redwood Speedway, Aaron Betz looks to be well on his way to his second Redwood Speedway track championship in as many years. With the average amount of cars hovering between 6-8 each week, Betz’s lead should have no problem holding up. Betz’s wife, Nikkya, has turned in a stellar season as well sitting in second ahead of 2011 IMCA Mach 1 Sport Compact National Champion Nate Coopman. Ben Wilhelmi and Stephanie Forsberg are currently members of the top five, as well.

  1. Aaron Betz #11 352pts
  2. Nikkya Betz #33 331pts
  3. Nate Coopman #9 325pts
  4. Ben Wilhelmi #15B 320pts
  5. Stephanie Forsberg #7 301pts
  6. Jason Baune #32 97pts
  7. Mick Rykhus #2R 73pts
  8. Jed Trebelhorn #27 67pts
  9. Joe Bunkofske #22 63pts
  10. Ashelyn Moriarty #17 35pts

In the second most tightly contested division offered at Redwood Speedway in 2012, Monte Heiderscheidt holds a mere two point advantage over Frank Billmeier for the 2012 Redwood Speedway Bomber track championship. Matt Olson, Nathan Gegner and Nic Heiderscheidt still continue to run in the top five with Monte out front. Who will rein victorious during the final four weeks? The Bomber division could very well not be decided until the last lap of the final night!

  1. Monte Heiderscheidt #52 340pts
  2. Frank Billmeier #7s 338pts
  3. Matt Olson #56m 325pts
  4. Nathan Gegner #26 281pts
  5. Nic Heiderscheidt #121 279pts
  6. Tony Frietag #22T 248pts
  7. Tim Huseby #29 248pts
  8. Rollin Timm #17 203pts
  9. Jake Frietag #11 200pts
  10. Jeremy Menz #57m 174pts

With the Sprint Cars back on the bill this Sunday night, and the Jason Wyffels Memorial taking place, we are sure to these point battles reach a boiling point. We hope to see you all at Redwood Speedway this Sunday night! Definitely looks like the point battles won’t be decided until Season Championship Night!



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