Night of fun at Redwood Speedway during the fair (Friday July 26, 2013)


On Friday, July 26th Redwood Speedway will host a night of fun with Auto and Truck Cross as well as lawn mower and four wheeler races. Admission to the nights events will be $5.00 during the Redwood County Fair. Stat time will be announced on Wednesday, July 17th.

Rules for each division include:

Auto & Truck Cross Rules:
Closed Shoes
Neck Brace
Long Sleeve shirts and pants

$25.00 entry fee – $100 to winner, $50 for 2nd, $25 for 3rd; trophies to the top three.

All headlights, tail lights and loose plastic must be removed. If you remove your glass, a window net is required. A roll cage is required if you remove your windshield. Chain or weld the doors shut. Door bars/plate recommended..

Power Wheels:
Number on unit
No car batteries

Lawn Mower Races:
Number on mower
Stock lawn mower

$25.00 entry fee, $25.00 to the winner, trophies for top three..

Four Wheeler and Side by Sides:
Seat belts on side by sides

$25.00 entry fee, $100 to winner, $50.00 for 2nd, $25 for third – trophies for top three..

Kids 12 and under:

Power Wheel Demos
Pedal Bike Races
Side by Side Races – $15.00 entry fee
Four wheeler races – $15.00 entry fee

Trophies for top five..

Spectator Races – Cars and Trucks (Double Elimination)
Four Cylinder
Six Cylinder
Eight Cylinder

$25.00 entry fee, trophies for top two..

0-5 – Free
5+ – $5.00

Pit Fee:


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