Lund, Tietz and Looft take Redwood Speedway Mains (July 15th, 2012)


Lund, Tietz, and Looft take Redwood Speedway Mains

Redwood Falls, MN (July 16th, 2012) – Three-time and defending Redwood Speedway Track Champion Ken Tietz took home top honors during IMCA Stock Car action Sunday night at Redwood Speedway. Curt Lund doubled up by taking home wins in both the IMCA Sprint Car and IMCA Modified divisions while Matt Looft took home his second win in as many weeks in the IMCA Sport Mod A-main. Wes Jahnz (IMCA Hobby Stock), Rod Manthey (Outlaw Hobby Stocks), Aaron Betz (IMCA Sport Compacts) and Fran Billmeier (Bombers) each took home A-main feature wins as well during Pizza Ranch night at the races. This Thursday night, July 19th the traveling stars of the Jackson Speedway Touring Series will be in town along with the IMCA Modifieds, who be vying for a $1,000 to win purse!


IMCA Sprint Cars:
Feature – Curt Lund, Cam Schafer, Mike Stien, Reed Allex
Heat – Schafer, Stien, Allex, Lund

IMCA Modifieds:
Feature – Curt Lund, Justin Bjorklund, Brandon Beckendorf, Tom Silver, Mike Gregg, Josh Rogotzke, Dan Menk, Jim Horejsi, Justin Anderson, Dalton Magers, Ben Panitzke, Tyler Limoges, Jeff Maasch
Heat 1- Lund, Gregg, Panitzke, Silver, Rogotzke, Menk
Heat 2- Magers, Limoges, Beckendorf, Bjorklund, Anderson, Maasch, Horejsi

IMCA Stock Cars:
Feature – Ken Tietz, Dan Mackenthun, James Richert, Shaun Bruns, Bob Rebstock, Gary Mattison, Michael Bruns, Jake Bruns, Matt Allen, Brad Scheibel
Heat 1- Scheibel, Richert, Micheal Bruns, Allen, Rebstock
Heat 2- Shaun Bruns, Mackenthun, Tietz, Jake Bruns, Mattison

IMCA Sport Mods:
Feature – Matt Looft, Larry Revier, Jeff Carter, Justin Remus, Adam Ecker, Kyle Remus, Brett Trebesch, Andy Daschner, Jordan Meine, Charles Clobes, Paul Konakowitz
Heat 1- Revier, Kyle Remus, Trebesch, Ecker, Daschner, Carter
Heat 2- Meine, Looft, Clobes, Konakowitz, Justin Remus

IMCA Hobby Stocks:
Feature – Wes Jahnz, Chris Isaacson, Brennen Boettger, Josh Telecky, Trevor Serbus, Rex Hammerschmidt, Ryan Grochow
Heat – Jahnz, Isaacson, Telecky, Boettger, Hammerschmidt, Grochow, Serbus

Outlaw Hobby Stocks:
Feature – Rod Manthey, Ryan McMullen, Dan Veenstra, Jayson Firle, Randy Fischer, Andy Windschitl, Jeff Petersen
Heat – McMullen, Veenstra, Firle, Manthey, Windschitl, Petersen, Fischer

IMCA Sport Compacts:
Feature – Aaron Betz, Stephanie Forsberg, Nate Coopman, Nikkya Betz, Ben Wilhelmi
Heat- Forsberg, Nikkya Betz, Aaron Betz, Coopman, Wilhelmi

Feature – Frank Billmeier, Matt Olson, Monte Heiderscheidt, Nathan Gegner, Tony Frietag, Nic Heiderscheidt, Tim Huseby, Rollin Timm, Jake Frietag, Jeremy Menz
Heat – Monte Heiderscheidt, Olson, Billmeier, Huseby, Menz, Gegner, Jake Frietag, Nic Heiderscheidt, Tony Frietag, Timm

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