Halverson, Loverude and Chukuske highlight night of firsts at Redwood Speedway


Halverson, Loverude and Chukuske pocket career firsts at Redwood


Redwood Falls, MN (June 3rd, 2012) – With 13 A-main events to get in during the evening, Redwood Speedway in Redwood Falls, MN got their program underway at 5:30pm last Sunday, June 3rd. In what turned out to be a wonderful night of racing, Brandon Halverson (IMCA Sprint Cars), Trent Loverude (IMCA Modifieds), and Ben Chukuske (IMCA Sport Mods) each took their first career Redwood Speedway victories. Other winners on the night included Jim Richert (IMCA Stock Cars), Dale McMullen (IMCA Hobby Stocks), Bruce Lundin (Outlaw Hobby Stocks), Nate Coopman (IMCA Sport Compact) and Monte Heiderscheidt (Bombers). A packed grandstand and a pit full of racecars checked in to witness some tremendous Speedway Motors IMCA dirt track racing, Redwood Speedway style.

The more things change the more they stay the same as seventh starter Monte Heiderscheidt took home top honors in the Bomber finale. Heiderscheidt methodically worked his way to the front on his way to victory. Eleventh starter Jeremy Menz put on a show for the fans moving up nine spots to finish second ahead of Frank Billmeier, Brent Padfield, and 10th starter Dallas Fromm.

For the second straight week, Dale McMullen charged to the front of the IMCA Hobby Stock field taking home the victory from the 11th starting position. The Comfrey, MN product capitalized on an incident between Wes Jahnz and Tory Harazin to take the lead during the ladder stages of the event. Two nights after taking a nasty roll, Hutchinson’s Josh Telecky showed his machine was back to running order charging from 12th to finish third. In the end it was McMullen taking the win followed by Harazin, Telecky, Jahnz and rookie Trevor Serbus.

The IMCA Sport Compact A-main once again featured a door to door battle between Aaron Betz and Nate Coopman. Betz took the lead early on before Coopman was able to take the lead down the backstretch. Betz pulled even twice during the ladder stages of the A-main but was unable to make the pass. Friday night’s winner at Murray County Speedway in Slayton, MN, Stephanie Forsberg finished third ahead of Ben Wilhelmi and Brock St. John.

Perhaps the best race of the night took place in the Outlaw Hobby Stock finale. Hanley Falls, MN driver Bruce Lundin took the early lead while fifth starter Randy Fischer slowly made his way into the second spot. Fischer pedaled his #20 machine around the bottom of the speedway while Lundin worked the middle groove. As the laps clicked off, Fischer drew closer to the backside of the #E85 of Lundin. On the final trip around, Fischer took a peak to the inside of Lundin as the front duo filed into turns three and four. Lundin, however, used his top side momentum to hold the spot and eventually the win. Fischer settled for a hard fought second with ninth starter Doug Falk third, Andy Windschitl fourth and Jeff Petersen fifth.

Just like the makeup feature before it, the night’s scheduled IMCA Sport Mod A-main proved to be a dandy. Sherburn, MN traveler Ben Chukuske took the early lead with Dan Paplow in second. Back in traffic, Swea City, IA resident Matt Looft began to work his way to the front. Looft worked the bottom side of the speedway as he moved up into the third spot with the cross flags hanging over the field during the 15-lap affair. Looft snuck by Paplow for the second spot with six to go before beginning the long process of tracking down Chukuske. On the final trip around, Looft had successfully caught the backside of Chukuske. Looft would make his move going into turn three on the final circuit but it was not enough to deny Chukuske his first ever Redwood Speedway win. Looft, Paplow, Glencoe’s Josh Larsen and 2011 track champion Adam Ecker also members of the top five.

The IMCA Sprint Car A-main was led flag to flag by Jackson, MN invader Brandon Halverson. Halverson, who took the lead on the opening lap was never seriously challenged during the 15-lap A-main. Fellow Jackson, MN racer Derrik Lusk finished second with Bruce Allen third, Curt Lund fourth and Reed Allex in fifth.

One night after a great second place run at Jackson Speedway, Jim Richert took the early advantage in the IMCA Stock Car finale. Three-time and defending track champion Ken Tietz quickly moved up into second while Shaun Bruns was once again on the move from mid-pack. While most drivers worked the bottom of the speedway, Bruns made the second groove work moving into third with six laps still up on the board. While Richert raced alone out front, Tietz and Bruns raced for the second spot. In the end it was Tietz taking the spot from Bruns at the line. Out front it was all Richert taking home his first Redwood Speedway victory in many years. Tietz, Shaun Bruns, Matt Speckman and Brad Scheibel all turned in top five performances as well for the IMCA Stock Cars, who sported 16 entries.

Jim Horejsi took the early lead on lap one of the IMCA Modified A-main. Horejsi showed the way early on and was scored the leader at the conclusion of the first lap. Fifth starter Trent Loverude quickly moved into the mix grabbing the second spot near the midway point of the race. Back in traffic, 10th starter Curt Lund stretched out the top side of the speedway in turns one and two and he moved to the front with rapid fluidity. Lund was scored in third when Loverude took the lead from Horejsi with nine laps remaining. In a race which went green, white, checkered; Loverude would take home his first ever IMCA Modified victory. Horejsi settled for a hard fought second ahead of Lund, Brandon Beckendorf and Dan Menk. The hard charger award went to Truman, MN driver Justin Anderson who started 17th and finished 9th.


IMCA Sprint Cars:
Feature –
Brandon Halverson, Derrik Lusk, Bruce Allen, Curt Lund, Reed Allex, Cam Schafer, Mike Stien, Dan Grams
Heat- Grams, Halverson, Lund, Lusk, Allen, Allex, Schafer, Stien

IMCA Modifieds:
Feature –
Trent Loverude, Jim Horejsi, Curt Lund, Brandon Beckendorf, Dan Menk, Todd Brockman, Justin Bjorklund, Tyler Limoges, Justin Anderson, Dalton Magers, Josh Rogotzke, Ben Panitzke, Mike Gregg, Tim Pessek, Jeff Maasch, Tom Silver, Randy Klein, Shaun Bruns
Heat 1- Horejsi, Bjorklund, Beckendorf, Limoges, Brockman, Bruns, Klein, Anderson, Rogotzke
Heat 2- Loverude, Menk, Lund, Silver, Pessek, Maasch, Magers, Gregg, Panitzke

IMCA Stock Cars:
Feature –
Jim Richert, Ken Tietz, Shaun Bruns, Matt Speckman, Brad Scheibel, Dan Mackenthun, Matt Schauer, Jeff Larson, Jake Bruns, Clay Steele, Doug Wark, Mark Clobes, Bob Rebstock, Matt Allen, Jesse Timm, Shane Bruns
Heat 1- Shaun Bruns, Speckman, Richert, Schauer, Larson, Steele, Timm, Shane Bruns
Heat 2- Tietz, Scheibel, Jake Bruns, Rebstock, Mackenthun, Allen, Wark, Clobes

IMCA Sport Mods:
Feature –
Ben Chukuske, Matt Looft, Dan Paplow, Josh Larsen, Adam Ecker, Larry Revier, Jordan Meine, Andy Daschner, Justin Remus, Brett Trebesch, Randy Hook, Kyle Remus, Bruce Egeland, Kelly Clausen, Charles Clobes
Heat 1- Paplow, Revier, Meine, Ecker, Chukuske, J Remus, K Remus, Egeland
Heat 2- Looft, Daschner, Larsen, Trebesch, Hook, Clobes, Clausen

IMCA Hobby Stocks:
Feature –
Dale McMullen, Tory Harazin, Josh Telecky, Wes Jahnz, Trevor Serbus, Roger Krebs, Chris Isaacson, Tyler Boyda, Brennen Boettger, Shane Harazin, Daniel Eckblad, Paul Sanders, Scott Richie
Heat 1- Tory Harazin, Jahnz, Eckblad, Serbus, Sanders, McMullen, Eckblad
Heat 2- Shane Harazin, Boettger, Krebs, Richie, Isaacson, Telecky, Boyda

Outlaw Hobby Stocks:
Feature –
Bruce Lundin, Randy Fischer, Doug Falk, Andy Windschitl, Jeff Petersen, Jayson Firle, Bill Braunworth, Shane Harazin, Ryan McMullen, Rod Manthey, Jesse Timm, Dan Veenstra
Heat 1- Lundin, Braunworth, McMullen, Firle, Manthey, Veenstra
Heat 2- Fischer, Windschitl, Timm, Falk, Petersen, Harazin

IMCA Sport Compact:
Feature –
Nate Coopman, Aaron Betz, Stephanie Forsberg, Ben Wilhelmi, Brook St. John, Jason Baune, Nikkya Betz
Heat- Betz,  Coopman, Forsberg, N. Betz, Wilhelmi, Baune, St. John

Feature –
Monte Heiderscheidt, Jeremy Menz, Frank Billmeier, Brent Padfield, Dallas Fromm, Nic Heiderscheidt, Rollin Timm, Jason Pettis, Nathan Gegner, Tony Frietag, Matt Olson, Tim Huseby
Heat 1- Padfield, Billmeier, Frietag, Pettis, Timm, Menz
Heat 2- Nic Heiderscheidt, Olson, Gegner, Fromm, Monte Heiderscheidt, Huseby

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